Wharf Talks Aug to Dec 2021

Monday 1st November – Speaker: Jan Diamond
Tutankhamun: Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown

Tutankhamun – possibly the most famous image in history. But who was he? What were the circumstances behind his early death? And who inherited his throne? Pharoah Akhenaten had pitched the country into chaos and disorder and it was his 9 year old son Tutankhaten who faced the challenges of bringing stability to the land, but always with powerful courtiers behind the young King. Then, at only age 19, Tutankhamun unexpectedly died. The throne fell into the hands of these same courtiers and ultimately, the 18th Dynasty – the mightiest Dynasty in 3000 years of Empire – came to an end.

Monday 6th December – Speaker: Dr Geri Parlby
From the Abbey to the Guildhall – Images of Tavistock from the 18th–19th Century. Artistic Licence or Historical Evidence?

Tavistock Abbey’s ruins have been an inspiration to artists from the early decades of the 18th Century to the 21st Century. Who were the artists who sketched, painted and engraved the earliest of these images? Can they really tell us what the town looked like before its 19th Century facelift?