Desperado playing at the Wharf

Soundcraft GB8 desk and audio racks at Tavistock Wharf

Court Acoustics Black Box II at the Wharf

Christie CP2000-S digital cinema projector at the Wharf

Cinema at the Wharf

Technical Information


  • 200 seated capacity.
  • 400 standing capacity.
  • 380 standing+seated capacity with standing area in front and centre and seated areas on left and right sides at rear.
  • Total size: 16m long × 11m wide.
  • Stage size: 11m wide × 5.25m deep.
  • Access from side and rear for loading direct on to stage.
  • 2 dressing rooms with WCs.

Front of House

  • Court Acoustics Black Box IIXTA DP426
    HF: 6 × 1.4” (2 × MC² T1000).
    MF: 6 × 10” (2 × MC² MC750).
    LF: 16 × 15” (4 × MC² MC1250).
  • Behringer X32 32 Channel Digital Mixer
  • 2 × CD Player.
  • Additional inputs for MP3 players, etc.


The Wharf offers a five way monitor mix. This includes a bi-amped drum fill plus four amplified mixes which can be used on up to 6 wedges used singularly or paired. There are also additional sends for IEM. Monitors are powered by Crown and Ashly. Monitors are mixed from FOH and have a GEQ on each output. A separate monitor desk/splitters can be installed at extra cost.


The Wharf carries a good section of microphone stands and assorted cabling.

  • 5 × Shure SM58.
  • 2 × Shure Beta58.
  • 4 × AKG D5.
  • 4 × Shure SM57.
  • 2 × Shure Beta 57.
  • 1 × Shure Beta 52.
  • 2 × Sennheiser e604.
  • 2 × AKG C3000.
  • 2 × AKG C1000.
  • 2 × AKG C535.
  • 1 × Yoga Drum Microphone Set (Kick, 3 × Snare/Tom, 2 × Overhead).
  • 6 × Orchid DI Box (no link function).
  • 1 × Orchid DI Box (with link function).


The Wharf has a full array of theatre and concert lighting, plus a complete set of new LED and Laser lighting for live music gigs.


Our 194 seater cinema auditorium is fully digital with a Christie CP2000 projector fitted with a Doremi DCP2000 server and AUD D2A processor.

The cinema sound is processed by a rack of graphic equalisers offering full 5.1 level and tone control.

The unique quality of The Wharf’s sound system is that it uses our concert hall 16,000 watt 4-way system, which is digitally split for cinema with a bank of VCAs, converting the stereo rig into 2 stereo left and right 3-way systems each side of the 30’ × 11’ (9.1m × 3.3m) screen, a central vocal system, a 2-way surround system and finally a 6,000 watt sub-bass “earthquake” system used for everything from a Star Wars rocket take-off to a full size classical concert organ with 32’ and 64’ pipes.

The advantage of this unique system is that The Wharf has the power plus for a Pink Floyd live concert, and at the same time, it is the only cinema in the South West (and probably further afield) with the dynamics and headroom for inaudible distortion on classical orchestras, ballet and opera.

This is not found in any cinema in the UK and is combined with the fact that the Wharf auditorium has the atmosphere and acoustics of a dedicated concert auditorium – and not the looks and feel of a cinema.