Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday
10am – 3:30pm

Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays

Tavistock Wharf Art Gallery

About the Gallery


The Art Gallery is a feature of the Wharf which is much respected not just within the town community, but on a national scale, exhibiting work by local and international artists. Since the Wharf Gallery opened in 1996 we have hosted major art exhibitions and we always welcome enquiries from exhibitors.

Artists, Painters, Photographers and Sculptors from Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Finland, Greenland, Azerbaijan and the USA have joined us here in Tavistock to display their diverse styles and put forward their artistic points of view. As well as individual artists, local schools, art societies and groups have featured in our programme. The Tavistock Group of Artists, Artists in Cornwall, The Nebula Group and Gwynngala have all mounted exciting and successful shows.

Housed in the Wharf, The Gallery is supported and surrounded by many other interesting activities. West Devon Borough Council and Olympus Optical Limited have generously supported exhibitions by renowned British photographers such as David Bailey and Barry Lategan. Photojournalist Nick Danziger has also exhibited during the period of his TV series on Channel 4.

The Wharf Gallery has earned a high reputation for its leading edge exhibitions featuring artists such as Barrie Cook, attracting viewers all over the UK. We invite further sponsorship from private and public bodies.