The Wharf hosts a wide variety of theatrical productions by local and national theatre groups, including everything from Shakespeare to musicals and pantomimes.

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No Half Life

Thu 1st Nov

No Half Life - No Walls Creative Arts Life need not be easy provided only that it is not empty’. Lise Meitner was a painfully shy, socially awkward girl who grew up to be called ‘the Mother of the Atom Bomb’. Living through some of the most turbulent times in modern European history, she was at the forefront of the new science of Nuclear Physics. Her story is one of struggle – against a society who did not value female education, against academia which did not promote it, against a regime that threatened her very existence and against an establishment which used science to wage war. Throughout, Meitner retained her humanity and her love of her subject. ‘No Half Life’ takes us on a journey through the life of one of the world’s most outstanding women scientists from her liberal upbringing in turn of the century Vienna through to her death in England 89 years later. No Walls Creative Arts has been set up to provide opportunities for all, to participate in exciting and inspiring workshops, productions and events within the performing and visual arts, led by industry professionals. Additionally, we look to produce exciting and engaging new works, whilst looking to employ local writers, actors and directors.

Brian Patten

Sun 28th Oct
Poems and Monologues


Thu 3rd Jan

Sally Morgan  Psychic Sally Morgan

Mon 1st Apr
Psychic Medium