Forthcoming exhibitions at the Wharf Gallery are shown below. We have some months free so please contact us if you would like to exhibit your work.

We particularly encourage local artists to exhibit with us and actively promote new talent.

All paintings are for sale – please enquire at the Wharf Box Office.

For invitations to private views, or if you would like to exhibit at the Wharf Gallery, please contact Chris Burchell, Art Director, on 01822 613928, email, or fill in our enquiry form.


Chris Burchell – Paintings

Monday 14th January – Friday 29th March

A selection of paintings by Chris Burchell.

Chris Burchell – Paintings     Chris Burchell – Paintings


Tony Arnold – Abstract Painter

Monday 1st April – Friday 3rd May
(Tavistock Arts and Literature Festival)

Tony Arnold began painting as a serious figurative artist at the age of 35. However, like many developing artists, he began to experiment with abstraction. He sought a direct link between his emotions and his artistic expression.

Like Mark Rothko, Tony found the struggle problematic; transitioning from traditional figurative forms and paint to freeform use of modern media took its toll, and it was not until some years later into his fifties, that he found his métier. “By indirections find directions out”, as Tony puts it.

Tony Arnold hopes that the expressive dynamism of his work communicates itself directly to his audience at a visceral level, avoiding the multifarious redundancies of figurative art.

Tony Arnold – Abstract Painter


Steve Clements-Large and Steve Beer – Paintings

Monday 10th June – Friday 5th July

Steve Clement-Large

Steve Clement-Large is a self-taught artist living on the edge – of Plymouth & Dartmoor.

He started painting in 2008 and posting the results on a blog, got his first commission within a few weeks.

“I felt I might be on to something – even at that early stage”

After 18 months his painting “Argyle Man” was selected for a public art commission and was reproduced on the back of the Big Screen in Plymouth City Centre; which was a massive boost to his self-confidence.

Since then he has had his own solo show in Plymouth and been part of several group shows. Tavistock Wharf will be his second solo show.

“My tastes and styles are an eclectic mix – heavily influenced by twentieth century artists – but I always try to plough my own furrow and do what I like. This show will be a mixture of older paintings or drawings – and ones that I have created especially for it. Some will be on canvas and others on paper”

“I have called myself My Dog Ate Art online since the beginning – my website can be found at

Steve sells his work across the UK and has customers in the US, Canada, Brazil and the Far East.

Steve Beer

An established artist, Steve Beer is a graduate of Falmouth and Plymouth Colleges of Art. A graphic designer and film maker, he joins his friend Steve Clement-Large for this attractive and fascinating exhibition.

Steve Clements-Large and Steve Beer – Paintings     Steve Clements-Large and Steve Beer – Paintings


Peter Rich – Photographer

Monday 8th July – Friday 2nd August

After studying fine art in London some years ago, Peter Rich recently returned to the South West where he was brought up.

He has explored most areas of photography – from street photography in London, to portraiture and studio work. His main interests now lie in combining his photographic skills with his passion for Dartmoor and the rivers which flow from it.

Although Dartmoor cannot be considered a vast area in comparison to many other national parks, it is more than a life-times work for an artist of any discipline, and the deeper he explores, the deeper he sees.

Peter Rich – Photographer     Peter Rich – Photographer