The Wharf Gallery is now closed until 2nd December.  Forthcoming exhibitions have been rescheduled and the remainder of the 2021 programme will be posted here soon.

3rd December—15th January

Yvonne Burchell – Paintings

Details to follow.

18th January—26th February

Claire Kinsey – Paintings

Claire Kinsey has lived in Devon for nearly 40 years. Her art is influenced by places she visits and the things that catch her eye when out walking. Sometimes her pieces just evolve after many colour changes and removal of paint. Claire reckons that she probably takes off more paint than she puts on to canvas. Colour is vitally important as it evokes emotion and feeling.

Claire admires the works of Franz Marc and Clarice Cliff. Art Deco and Stained Glass provide further inspiration. She says that her Art provides endless possibilities to express herself and to escape into the world of her inner imaginings.

Claire has two styles. Whilst she tends to be tight and precise in execution, she often breaks the habit to work on a looser, more instinctive piece. Claire then paints, prints, overpainting layer upon layer, then removing and adding paint until she is happy with the result, or the piece tells her it's finished.

Claire Kinsey – PaintingsClaire Kinsey – Paintings