The physical Wharf Gallery is open Monday–Saturday, 10am–3.30pm. Forthcoming exhibitions have been rescheduled and the remainder of the 2021 programme will be posted here soon.

We’ve also created Virtual Exhibitions that you can view online (below). The current exhibition is at the top, followed by previous exhibitions.

  • JAN 15th to March 26th 2022
  • Rosemary Wood. Paintings-Collage-Applique.
  • March 26th to 28th.May.
  • Derek Perry. Photographer.
  • Plymouth born Derek Perry has had a life-long passion for photography. His father's amateur interest in the craft gave him an early foundation in photographic techniques and he acquired his first 35mm. single lens reflex camera as a teenager.
  • Unfortunately, Derek developed Clinical Depression whilst young. This led him to alcohol and drug dependency. He says that the profession of photography has been a lifesaver for him.
  • Roaming our wonderful Devon landscape, photographing its buildings, moors and wildlife has provided a satisfying relief to his illness; he credits his craft for keeping him well for many happy years.
  • This is his first public exhibition.
  • . If you would like to book an exhibition, please email Chris Burchell  at
  • 14th June to 6th August TBA
  • Collette David exhibits  her  delightful  drawings and   paintings  of animals  and landscape. Joining her is Richard  Brown, who, after  retiring  from the  Veterinary Services, took up  painting, demonstrating  a latent talent.. He exhibits  his watercolours of Tavistock and surroundings.
  • 6th August to 3rd. September.
  • Emma Martin. Paintings.
  •  3rd September to 1st October.
  • Christopher Szpajdel and friends. Calligraphy-paintings-landscapes
  • Note: This exhibition is part of the 'Open Studios' programme of the 'Drawn to the Valley' group. Artists will be in attendance at the Wharf during this period.
  • 1st October to 5th November.
  • Mike Nuth. Paintings and drawings.
  • 5th November to 3rd December
  • Rachel Stanton- Watercolours. A newcomer to  the  Wharf  Gallery,Rachel exhibits  her
  • delicately   composed   paintings.  Based  on  landscape  forms, her   work  is  experimental, exploring  the  limits  of   the medium.
  • 3rd. December  to  14th January  2023
  • Rosemary  Wood and  Friends.. After  her  successful exhibition  with  us   earlier  in  the   year,  Rosemary gathers  her  artistic   friends   for   a  delightful   mixed   exhibition with   a particular  eye  on  the  Christmas  season.