The Wharf’s events calendar is full and varied, and includes a wide variety of live music gigs, films, theatre and special events. Click an event title for more details including availability and ticket prices.

Please note – the first couple of months include the full programme of events, and beyond that only confirmed events are shown.


Saturday17th8:30pmLive MusicRockAll the Best Freaks – Marillion tribute
Tuesday20th2pmCinemaDramaPeterloo (12A)
7pmLive Performance BroadcastsPlayThe Madness of George III NT Live
Wednesday21st7pmCinemaDramaPeterloo (12A)
Thursday22nd2pmCinemaDramaPeterloo (12A)
7pmCinemaDramaPeterloo (12A)
Friday23rd2pmCinemaComedy/Drama/RomanceJuliet, Naked
Saturday24th8:30pmLive MusicRockLivewire – AC/DC tribute
Sunday25th7:30pmLive MusicFolk-RockThe Porbeagles
Tuesday27th7pmCinemaComedy/Drama/RomanceJuliet, Naked
Thursday29th2pmCinemaComedy/Drama/RomanceJuliet, Naked
8pmLive MusicProg RockLifesigns
Friday30th2pmCinemaActionHunter Killer (15)
8:30pmLive MusicPop RockJean Genie


Saturday1st8:30pmLive MusicReggaeDreadzone seated
Sunday2nd7:30pmLive MusicJazzThe Dave Hankin Big Band
Monday3rd7pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletThe Nutcracker
Tuesday4th7pmCinemaActionHunter Killer (15)
Wednesday5th7pmCinemaActionHunter Killer (15)
Thursday6th2pmCinemaActionHunter Killer (15)
7pmLive Performance BroadcastsPlayAntony & Cleopatra NT live (12A)
Friday7th2pmCinemaDrama/ThrillerThe Girl in the Spider's Web
8:30pmLive MusicSoul/FunkJoey The Lips
Saturday8th8:30pmLive MusicRockThe Bon Jovi Experience
Sunday9th2pmLive Performance BroadcastsMusicalThe King & I: from the London Palladium
Monday10th7pmTheatreLectureTommy Hatwell
Tuesday11th7pmCinemaDrama/ThrillerThe Girl in the Spider's Web
Wednesday12th7pmCinemaDrama/ThrillerThe Girl in the Spider's Web
Thursday13th2pmCinemaDrama/ThrillerThe Girl in the Spider's Web
7pmCinemaDrama/ThrillerThe Girl in the Spider's Web
Friday14th2pmCinemaAnimationThe Nutcracker and the Four Realms (PG)
8:30pmLive MusicSkaThe Kingstons with Malavita and The Cabarats
Saturday15th2pmLive Performance BroadcastsPlayCBeebies Christmas Show: Thumbelina
8:30pmLive MusicRockDesperado
Sunday16th7:30pmLive MusicRockThe Ultimate Elvis Tribute
Tuesday18th7pmCinemaAnimationThe Nutcracker and the Four Realms (PG)
Wednesday19th7pmCinemaAnimationThe Nutcracker and the Four Realms (PG)
Thursday20th2pmCinemaAnimationThe Nutcracker and the Four Realms (PG)
7pmCinemaAnimationThe Nutcracker and the Four Realms (PG)
Friday21st10amCinemaMusicalMary Poppins Returns (PG)
1pmCinemaMusicalMary Poppins Returns (PG)
8:30pmLive MusicPopABBA Tribute – Bjorn Belief
Saturday22nd10amCinemaMusicalMary Poppins Returns (PG)
1pmCinemaMusicalMary Poppins Returns (PG)
8:30pmLive MusicFolk-RockMad Dog Mcrea support Beans On Toast – Sold Out
Sunday23rd8:30pmLive MusicFolk-RockMad Dog Mcrea support The Trees – Sold Out
Friday28th10amCinemaMusicalMary Poppins Returns (PG)
1pmCinemaMusicalMary Poppins Returns (PG)
4pmCinemaMusicalMary Poppins Returns (PG)
7pmCinemaMusicalMary Poppins Returns (PG)
Saturday29th10amCinemaMusicalMary Poppins Returns (PG)
1pmCinemaMusicalMary Poppins Returns (PG)
4pmCinemaMusicalMary Poppins Returns (PG)
7pmCinemaMusicalMary Poppins Returns (PG)
Monday31st8:30pmLive MusicRockRock n' Roll Outlaws New Years Eve Party


Saturday19th8:30pmLive MusicBlues/RockVoodoo-Room
Tuesday22nd7pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaThe Queen of Spades Royal Opera House Live
Wednesday30th7pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaLa traviata Royal Opera House Live
Thursday31st7pmLive Performance BroadcastsPlayNT Live …..I'm Not Running by David Hare


Friday1st8:30pmLive MusicRockLennon Retrospective
Saturday9th8:30pmLive MusicPopManoeuvres - A tribute to OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark)
Saturday16th8:30pmLive MusicBlues/RockWhole Lotta Led
Tuesday19th7pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletDon Quixote Royal Opera House Live
Friday22nd8:30pmLive MusicRockDire Streets
Saturday23rd8:30pmLive MusicPunkStraighten Out Stranglers tribute band


Friday1st8:30pmLive MusicBluesRebecca Downes Band
Saturday9th8:30pmLive MusicBlues/RockKris Barras
Friday22nd8:30pmLive MusicRockELO AGAIN –
Saturday23rd8:30pmLive MusicPop RockKick Up the 80's


Monday1st7:30pmTheatrePsychic MediumSally Morgan Psychic Sally Morgan
Tuesday2nd7:30pmLive MusicAcousticGlenn Tilbrook
Saturday6th8:30pmLive MusicHeavy MetalHi-On Maiden
Sunday7th2pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaLa forza del destino Royal Opera House Live encore showing
Friday12th8:30pmLive MusicPunk/PopThe Jam’d
Tuesday30th7pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaFaust Royal Opera House Live


Saturday4th8:30pmLive MusicRockWomen In Rock
Saturday11th8:30pmLive MusicRockThe Bryan Adams Experience
Sunday12th7:30pmLive MusicRockTubular Bells for Two
Thursday16th7pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletWithin the Golden Hour / New Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui / Flight Pattern Royal Opera House Live
Thursday30th7:30pmLive MusicFolkSteve Turner
Friday31st8:30pmLive MusicRockRoxy Magic


Saturday1st8:30pmLive MusicRockThe Faux Fighters
Tuesday11th7pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletRomeo and Juliet Royal Opera House Live
Sunday16th7:30pmLive MusicPopBob Drury's 'VIVA NEIL DIAMOND'