Monday1st2pmTheatre/ TalksTalkTRAVEL THROUGH BRITAIN 1782 By Kevin Dickens
Friday5th2pmCinemaDramaThe Bikeriders (15)
8:30pmLive MusicRockZZ Toppd
Saturday6th8pmLive MusicPopPride Day Party
Monday8th2pmTheatre/ TalksTalkPEOPLE and WILDLIFE OF the MASAI MASU - By Peter Brinsden
Tuesday9th7pmCinemaDramaThe Bikeriders (15)
Wednesday10th7pmCinemaDramaThe Bikeriders (15)
Thursday11th2pmCinemaDramaThe Bikeriders (15)
7pmCinemaDramaThe Bikeriders (15)
Friday12th2pmCinemaDramaBad Boys: Ride or Die (15)
7pmCinemaDramaBad Boys: Ride or Die (15)
Saturday13th8:30pmLive MusicPunkThe 'Sex Pistols Exposé
Monday15th2pmTheatre/ TalksTalkA JOURNALIST’S VIEW OF ISRAELI POLITICS’ By John Dobson
Tuesday16th7pmCinemaDramaBad Boys: Ride or Die (15)
Wednesday17th7pmCinemaDramaBad Boys: Ride or Die (15)
Thursday18th2pmCinemaDramaBad Boys: Ride or Die (15)
7pmCinemaDramaBad Boys: Ride or Die (15)
Saturday20th8:30pmLive MusicPopEssentially Elton
Sunday21st7:30pmLive MusicCountryThe Roy Orbison Experience
Monday22nd2pmTheatre/ TalksTalkCREATING A WILDLIFE GARDEN By Gavin Haig
Friday26th8:30pmLive MusicPopSo True -
Saturday27th8:30pmLive MusicRockDog of Two Head
Monday29th2pmTheatre/ TalksTalkBACK TO THE FUSCHIA – By Mike Follett


Saturday3rd8:30pmLive MusicGlam RockRöxxi Red The ultimate 80’s Glam Rock Experience
Friday9th8:30pmLive MusicRockHENDRIX, CLAPTON AND CREAM Voodoo Room
Saturday10th8:30pmLive MusicPopBootleg Blondie
Sunday11th8pmLive MusicProg RockFocus
Friday16th8:30pmLive MusicPopTHE ONE & ONLY ADELE TRIBUTE
Saturday17th8:30pmLive MusicPopRoxy Magic
Friday23rd8:30pmLive MusicRockGenesis Connected
Saturday31st8:30pmLive MusicHeavy MetalWhitesnake UK


Friday6th8:30pmLive MusicPopBeautiful Trauma – The Ultimate Live P!nk Experience
Tuesday10th6:30pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaThe Royal Opera THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO
Friday20th8:30pmLive MusicRockCoda
Saturday21st8:30pmLive MusicPunkStraighten Out – Stranglers tribute band
Saturday28th8:30pmLive MusicRockFaux Fighters
Sunday29th7:30pmLive MusicFolkSuthering


Saturday5th8:30pmLive MusicRockGuns 2 Roses
Sunday6th7:30pmLive MusicBritpopShaun Ryder Happy Mondays - and Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays.
Friday11th8:30pmLive MusicPopMoments of Pleasure: The Music of Kate Bush
Sunday13th7:30pmLive MusicPop RockEssentially Cher
Tuesday15th7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletThe Royal Ballet ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND
Friday18th8:30pmLive MusicFolk-RockLindisfarne
Saturday19th8:30pmLive MusicPopYourythmics
Sunday20th7:30pmLive MusicFolk-RockSeth Lakeman Kitty Jay 20th Anniversary
Friday25th8:30pmLive MusicProg RockG2 DEFINITIVE GENESIS
Saturday26th8:30pmLive MusicProg RockG2 DEFINITIVE GENESIS


Saturday2nd8:30pmLive MusicRockDizzy Lizzy
Saturday9th8:30pmLive MusicPop RockStereoholics
Saturday16th8:30pmLive MusicRockFleetwood Bac
Friday22nd8:30pmLive MusicRockThe Floyd Effect Dark Animals
Saturday23rd8:30pmLive MusicPop RockSlade UK
Saturday30th8:30pmLive MusicRockCreedence Clearwater Review


Sunday1st7:30pmLive MusicPopBuddy Holly & The Cricketers
Friday6th8:30pmLive MusicPop RockThe Police Academy
8:30pmLive MusicPop RockThe Police Academy seated
Saturday7th8:30pmLive MusicSoul/FunkJoey The Lips
Tuesday10th7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletThe Royal Ballet Cinderella
Friday13th8:30pmLive MusicPopTake a Chance on Us
Saturday14th8:30pmLive MusicHeavy MetalSanctum Sanctorium – The Darkside of The 80s
Tuesday17th7pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletThe Royal Ballet The Nutcracker
Friday20th8:30pmLive MusicRockHells Bells
Sunday22nd8pmLive MusicFolk-RockMad Dog Mcrea
Monday23rd8pmLive MusicFolk-RockMad Dog Mcrea


Wednesday15th6:45pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaThe Royal Opera Offenbach’s THE TALES OF HOFFMAN
Saturday18th8:30pmLive MusicRockThe Rollin Clones


Saturday1st8:30pmLive MusicProg RockSplintering Heart
Sunday9th7:30pmLive MusicPopTasha Leaper as Madonna
Saturday15th8:30pmLive MusicRockQuo Connection
Thursday27th7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletSwan Lake
Friday28th8:30pmLive MusicPop RockKast Off Kinks


Thursday20th7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsBalletThe Royal Ballet ROMEO & JULIET