Saturday10th8:30pmLive MusicRockLucky Man A tribute to the late Greg LakePOSTPONED
Sunday11th2:30pmTheatre/ TalksMusicalTC2 present Matilda
6pmTheatre/ TalksMusicalTC2 present Matilda
Monday12th2pmTheatre/ TalksTalkTHE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER By Barbie Thompson
Tuesday13th2pmCinemaDocumentaryMad About the Boy - The Noel Coward Story (12A)
7:15pmLive Performance BroadcastsOperaIl Trovatore The Royal Opera
Wednesday14th7pmCinemaDocumentaryMad About the Boy - The Noel Coward Story (12A)
Thursday15th2pmCinemaDocumentaryMad About the Boy - The Noel Coward Story (12A)
7pmLive Performance BroadcastsPlayFleabag
Friday16th2pmCinemaDramaWait for Me (15)
Saturday17th8:30pmLive MusicRockThe Guitar Legends Show
Monday19th2pmTheatre/ TalksTalkBECOMING A ZOO COO and the FUTURE OF ZOO CONSERVATION By Coral Jones
Tuesday20th2pmLectureRekindle your Inner Sparkle
7pmCinemaDramaWait for Me (15)
Wednesday21st7pmCinemaDramaWait for Me (15)
Thursday22nd2pmCinemaDramaWait for Me (15)
7pmCinemaDramaWait for Me (15)
Friday23rd2pmCinemaDrama/RomanceLove Without Walls (15)
8:30pmLive MusicRockOasis Supernova
Saturday24th8:30pmLive MusicPop RockKick Up the 80's
Monday26th2pmTheatre/ TalksTalkTHE WAR IN UKRAINE – THE ORIGINS AND THE END By John Dobson
Wednesday28th7pmCinemaDrama/RomanceLove Without Walls (15)
Thursday29th2pmCinemaDrama/RomanceLove Without Walls (15)
7pmCinemaDrama/RomanceLove Without Walls (15)
Friday30th2pmCinemaDramaPretty Red Dress (15)
8:30pmLive MusicProg RockFocus


Saturday1st7pmTheatre/ TalksMusicalTC2 present Legally Blonde
Sunday2nd2:30pmTheatre/ TalksMusicalTC2 present Legally Blonde
7pmTheatre/ TalksMusicalTC2 present Legally Blonde
Monday3rd2pmTheatre/ TalksTalkDEVON PLACE NAMES By Richard Hesketh
Tuesday4th7pmCinemaDramaPretty Red Dress (15)
Wednesday5th7pmCinemaDramaPretty Red Dress (15)
Thursday6th2pmCinemaDramaPretty Red Dress (15)
7pmCinemaDramaPretty Red Dress (15)
Saturday8th7pmCinemaMusicalIn the Court of the Crimson King: King Crimson at 50 (15)
8:30pmLive MusicRockThe Floyd Effect
Monday10th2pmTheatre/ TalksTalkTHE SECRET WILDLIFE OF DARTMOOR By Paul Rendell
Friday14th2pmCinemaAction/AdventureIndiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (PG)
8:30pmLive MusicPopBootleg Blondie
Saturday15th11amCinemaAction/AdventureIndiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (PG)
8:30pmLive MusicRockGenesis Connected
Monday17th2pmTheatre/ TalksTalkPARAMEDIC: STORIES FROM THE FRONT By Joe Bryant
Tuesday18th7pmCinemaAction/AdventureIndiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (PG)
Wednesday19th7pmCinemaAction/AdventureIndiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (PG)
Thursday20th2pmCinemaAction/AdventureIndiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (PG)
7pmCinemaAction/AdventureIndiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (PG)
Friday21st2pmCinemaAdventureThe Little Mermaid (PG)
8:30pmLive MusicRockRed Hot Chili Peppers UK
Saturday22nd11amCinemaAdventureThe Little Mermaid (PG)
8:30pmLive MusicPop RockMEET LOAF
Monday24th11amCinemaAdventureThe Little Mermaid (PG)
2pmTheatre/ TalksTalkDON’T PUT YOUR DAUGHTER ON THE STAGE By Francis Burroughes
Tuesday25th11amCinemaAdventureThe Little Mermaid (PG)
2pmCinemaAdventureThe Little Mermaid (PG)
7pmCinemaAdventureThe Little Mermaid (PG)
Wednesday26th2pmCinemaAdventureThe Little Mermaid (PG)
7pmCinemaAdventureThe Little Mermaid (PG)
Thursday27th2pmCinemaAdventureThe Little Mermaid (PG)
7pmCinemaAdventureThe Little Mermaid (PG)
Friday28th8:30pmLive MusicPopOcean City Groove
Saturday29th8:30pmLive MusicRockThe U2 Experience
Monday31st2pmTheatre/ TalksTalkGREENWELL FARM By Mat Cole


Friday4th8:30pmLive MusicHeavy MetalWhitesnake UK
Saturday12th8:03pmLive MusicRockJUST RADIOHEAD
Saturday19th8:30pmLive MusicGlam RockRöxxi Red
Friday25th8:30pmLive MusicReggaeLegend – Bob Marley Tribute
Saturday26th8:30pmLive MusicRockStipe – authentic sounding REM Tribute
Sunday27th2pmLive Performance BroadcastsMusicalAndré Rieu's 2023 Maastricht Concert: Love Is All Around


Saturday2nd8:30pmLive MusicProg RockKarnataka
Sunday3rd7:30pmLive MusicRockThe Unravelling Wilburys
Saturday16th8:30pmLive MusicBlues/RockThe Gary Moore Blues Experience
Friday22nd8:30pmLive MusicRockFleetwood Bac
Saturday23rd8:30pmLive MusicRockSpread Eagle
Friday29th8:30pmLive MusicRockCoda -
Saturday30th8:30pmLive MusicPunkStraighten Out – Stranglers tribute band


Friday6th8:30pmLive MusicPopRoxy Magic
Saturday7th8:30pmLive MusicRockMartin Turner (ex Wishbone Ash)
Friday13th8:30pmLive MusicPopThe New Purple CelebrationPOSTPONED
Saturday14th8:30pmLive MusicRockHi On Maiden
Friday20th8:30pmLive MusicRockThe Bohemians
Saturday21st8:30pmLive MusicRockBon Giovi - a Bon Jovi Tribute Band
Friday27th8:30pmLive MusicProg RockG2 – Genesis Tribute
Saturday28th8:30pmLive MusicProg RockHayley Griffiths Band


Saturday4th8:30pmLive MusicRockZZ Toppd
Saturday11th8:30pmLive MusicRockThe Faux Fighters


Friday8th8:30pmLive MusicSoul/FunkJoey The Lips
Friday15th8:30pmLive MusicRockHells Bells
Wednesday20th8pmLive MusicFolk-RockMad Dog Mcrea
Thursday21st8pmLive MusicFolk-RockMad Dog Mcrea
Friday22nd8:30pmLive MusicPop RockSlade UK
Sunday31st8pmLive MusicPopNew Years Eve with Ocean City Groove


Saturday3rd8:30pmLive MusicPopThe New Purple Celebration
Saturday17th8:30pmLive MusicProg RockSplintering Heart


Saturday9th8:30pmLive MusicRockMoonage - The Best of Bowie
Saturday16th8:30pmLive MusicPopGary & Robbie Live in Concert
Saturday23rd8:30pmLive MusicRockDire Streets


Friday26th8:30pmLive MusicPop RockUltimate Coldplay


Saturday11th8:30pmLive MusicRockWomen In Rock