Poems ▸ High Summer - Veronica Aston

High Summer

Take a walk across a summer meadow,
Where myriad shimmering petals
Paint you path with pink and gold and blue.
A sky bleached bare by the sun.
Air so still, silence so infinite,
As if the scene has been captured, held fast.
This perfect day preserved, for you,
Imprinted indelibly in your mind’s eye.
Sustaining, through the dank and the gloom
Of fast-marching winter months.
But, then, a buzzing and flutter of life.
A host of glimmer-winged damsels and dragons
Stirring the air, whirring haloes above you.
Now, like the ancient stone, the heart of the field,
You stand sentinel, eyes shut, face raised,
Accepting the purity of white-hot light.
The sun soaks through your flesh
‘Til molten gold fills your core.
Breathe deeply the dry, zesty air,
Drink I this summer’s vintage
While you may.

Veronica Aston