Virtual Exhibitions ▸ Paula Jones – Mixed Media


1st—26th November 2021

Paula Jones has always had a fascination with portraiture. Visiting the National Portrait Gallery and staring into the faces painted by the Old Masters captivated her as a teenager. She has an academic background in geography and environmental sustainability and a love of being in nature and in particular wild swimming. These elements of her life have led her to create pieces focussing on our human connection to the world and questioning how we see ourselves in this context.

She is interested in issues pertaining to gender, diversity and equality. In her felt work these issues are explored more explicitly, whilst in her paintings a greater subtlety of their consideration is employed. She is inspired by a variety contemporary artists such as Peter Field, Colin Davidson and Bisa Butler, as well as the likes of Thomas Gainsborough and the silhouette making artists of the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century.

Paula is a mixed media artist and enjoys working with an ever increasing range of media and processes including felt, oil paint, acrylic paint, oil and soft pastel and mono-printing. She says that she gets so much joy out of moving between media and combining media that she couldn’t imagine limiting herself to working in just one!

This is Paula’s debut exhibition and as such it is an exciting opportunity to see this artist’s work for the first time in a gallery situation.
Paula is open to commissions and future exhibition opportunities.

Instagram: @paulapeajelly

Paula Jones – Number 1: Becky
Number 1: Becky

Paula Jones – Number 2: Laura
Number 2: Laura

Paula Jones – Number 3: Anitha
Number 3: Anitha

Paula Jones – Number 4: Self-portrait
Number 4: Self-portrait

Paula Jones – Number 5: Sunlight
Number 5: Sunlight

Paula Jones – Number 6: Alive
Number 6: Alive

Paula Jones – Number 7: An Appearance
Number 7: An Appearance

Paula Jones – Number 8: Soaking in the Sea
Number 8: Soaking in the Sea

Paula Jones – Number 9: Restful
Number 9: Restful

Paula Jones – Number 10: Emerge
Number 10: Emerge

Paula Jones – Number 11: Sea Dip
Number 11: Sea Dip

Paula Jones – Number 12: Windswept
Number 12: Windswept

Paula Jones – Number 13: Merbeing
Number 13: Merbeing

Paula Jones – Number 14: Retro Spec
Number 14: Retro Spec

Paula Jones – Number 15: Braving the Waves
Number 15: Braving the Waves

Paula Jones – Number 16: Star Gazer
Number 16: Star Gazer

Paula Jones – Number 17: Watching Fish
Number 17: Watching Fish

Paula Jones – Number 18: Flighty Lady (tribute to Bessie Coleman)
Number 18: Flighty Lady (tribute to Bessie Coleman)

Paula Jones – Number 19: Miz Candy Floss
Number 19: Miz Candy Floss

Paula Jones – Number 20: Dame Raspberry Ripple
Number 20: Dame Raspberry Ripple

Paula Jones – Number 21: Skinny Dippers
Number 21: Skinny Dippers

Paula Jones – Number 22: A Fashionable Swimmer
Number 22: A Fashionable Swimmer

Paula Jones – Number 23: Our Beautiful Brains
Number 23: Our Beautiful Brains

Paula Jones – Number 24: Synaptic Pruning
Number 24: Synaptic Pruning

Paula Jones – Number 25: Baby Brain
Number 25: Baby Brain