Wharf Talks


FOR MORE INFO VISIT TAVISTOCKWHARF.COM or CALL THE BOX OFFICE ON 01822 611166         OPEN MON-SAT 11.15am-2.15pm and 6pm-8pm TICKET PRICE includes cuppa and cake

NOV 21st       CAPTAIN EDWARD HAWKINS : Superintendent of Prisons and Prison Ships                                                                       By Barbie Thompson

During the Napoleonic Wars Hawkins was appointed to the above position,         juggling with rations, complaints about food, corrupt suppliers, forgery, plots and escapes. From June 1808 to 1813 his headquarters was the prison hulk BRAVE which housed Danish POW and Hawkins also lived on board.


NOV 28th       BERYL COOK                                                           By Hilary Bracegirdle

Hilary worked with Beryl Cook’s family to curate the recent exhibition for Plymouth City Council, which was joyfully received by visitors.  She will be showing how Beryl was inspired by her family, pets and friends, and will include plenty of fun and gossip.  She will also compare the paintings with those of other self-taught artists.


DEC 5th          GALAPAGOS: THE ENCHANTED ISLANDS   By Peter Brinsden

In 1835 Charles Darwin was inspired and developed his theory of evolution. Peter describes his personal journey around the Galapagos Islands describing his journey and some of the dramatic wildlife


DEC 12th           THE JOY OF ARCHIVES                                      By Felicity Goodall

A romp through some of the stories unearthed in archives all over Britain.


DEC 19th           WEIRD AND WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS CUSTOMS,        SUPERSTITIONS  AND TALES                                                      By Claire Casely

Claire’s talk includes folklore, customs and superstitions connected with the winter and Christmas time.  She will share some of folklore trees and household customs and local tales.   I hope this talk will bring in some

seasonal delight! Mince pies to follow!




JAN 30th        TALES OF A DARTMOOR GUIDE                       By Paul Rendell

Stories and events that can happen while taking a group walking. The guide must know a lot of things  - how to map read, how to avoid getting lost, the history of the moor, first aid and the “dry” routes. This talk may put you off walking!!




FEB 6th          TIME GENTLEMEN, PLEASE                               By Baz Hambin

The history of the measurement of time. The origins of our calendar, why there

are 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute.

Investigating the agricultural lunar calendar.


FEB 13th        A VALENTINE CELEBRATION                             By Adrienne Hesketh

Valentine themed presentation celebrating this romantic festival with music and describing its historical background.


FEB 20th         DEVON AIR AMBULANCE                                    By Becky Trout

What these wonderful people are about and do ……


FEB 27th         THE DARTMOOR PIXIES AND THEIR HAUNTS           By Claire Casely

Claire talks about her personal journey to research and visit the haunts of thepixies on Dartmoor and elsewhere in Devon. She shares some of the pixie folklore associated with these places and the authors who popularised them.


MAR 6th         LAST MAN STANDING – FATE OF ALEXANDER’S MEN                         By Barry Short

A great deal is known about Alexander the Great and his conquests but not much about the great men who accompanied him and made it all possible, his generals. Theirs is an intriguing and action-packed story that traces their interactions and achievements as one by one they are killed off to the last, along with the family of Alexander. This was an exceedingly competent group of men and, like Alexande, they had a great impact on the world. But in the end their demise was as dramatic as their rise.


MAR 13th      HAUNTED PUBS IN DEVON                                By Richard Hesketh

Many believe that behind the painted veil of the present lies a richly populated supernatural world. Based on interviews with landlords, landladies and bar staff recounting their personal encounters with spirits, this talk includes twelve of Devon’s most haunted inns from around the county


MAR 20th      SUSTAINABILITY 30 YEARS ON                          By Jackie Young

In June 1992, the Rio Earth summit introduced Agenda 21. This prompted global change in community attitudes, inspiring projects across the Globe. This talk examines what has/ hasn’t happened and how things can still be influenced


MAR 27th      THE FAIR ARM OF THE LAW                             By Simon Dell

The Centenary of the Policewomen’s Department formed in 1915 and the history of women police in the West Country.




A retrospective approach to ceramics during a career spanning over 60 years of potting, teaching and writing all over the world, Peter is a prolific maker of mainly porcelain pieces which illustrate a wide range of inspiration, designs and techniques.




ARP 17th        THE HEALING GARDEN                                      By Gavin Haig

The illustrated talk lasts about an hour, and encourages us to attract wildlife into our gardens for their well-being and survival, as well as ours! The Tiverton Hospital wildlife Garden is an example of a healing and restorative garden, which the staff value as much as the patients, because they relax, and count the butterflies, rather than the viruses! They also count the birds and hedgehogs!


APR 24th        St GEORGE/SHAKESPEARE THEMED.. all so English!

                                                                                                 By Adrianne Hesketh

This is a celebration of English music, poetry and a short talk on the

life of William Shakespeare