Splintering Heart

Splintering Heart

Prog Rock  |  Seated+Standing

Splintering Heart pays homage to the type of set you’d experience if you were to see Marillion on tour, today.

We cover the rich vein of music created during the past 30+ years – everything from Seasons End and Holidays in Eden, through Brave to F.E.A.R. and AHBID – plus the Fish-era hits that the band still plays live. If you love Marillion, we know you’ll love our set!

We kicked this project off in 2019 and like so many other hard-working bands, we were hit by the pandemic but it’s given us the time to put together a top band and a cracking live show. All the musicians come from various backgrounds in the music industry and have all played professionally both touring and studio work with their own bands and name artists.

Rich Harding has sung with Marillion and has performed with Steve Rothery as guest with another of his projects, based in Norway.

We're Marillion fans first and foremost and we hope you'll join us to share our love of this band's amazing work, which very definitely didn't stop in 1989.

Sat 1st Feb8:30pm
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From 6pm on the night £19.00
Adult in Advance £17.00
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